We have experienced drafters on hand who can help with getting your ideas communicated on paper. -Architectural blueprints -Structural -Electrical -Mechanical HVAC -3D modeling

Bill Of Quantity

Providing project-specific measured quantities of the items of work identified by the drawings and specifications in the tender documentation.

Architect and Engineers

we provide our clients with a detailed Architecture and Engineering Proposal that’s based on the approved Scope of the Project and the client's needs.

Construction Project Management

We coordinate, planning and we will manage every project to ensure that our clients are provided with a successful project, built on schedule, on budget, and of top quality.

Bidding and Tendering

We provide a platform where the contractor can get access to bid the projects with quality and cost. The client should be able to select the contractor based on their needs and the scope of the project.


We provide the timeline of design and construction phases based on size of the project, services requested. We include all essential tasks, estimated durations, crucial resources like labor and equipment to manage relationships that demand to accomplish the task scopes.